Tweens & Teens

Dance, Drama and more for students ages 9 and up!

We’ve got classes for older, more focused students who want to practice their skills and work on technique. Perfect for students who have at least a year experience in dance, drama, or both.

NEW All Star Classes

We’ve added new sections we’re calling “All Stars” open to 4th graders and up (ages 9+) *Some third graders may be allowed by invite only. Toward the end of each semester, the All Stars crew will produce their own informal mini showcase at the studio for friends and family.

  • Please register by August 1 to help us plan staffing.
  • Fall session starts the first week of September, 15 weeks total.
  • Each class is 75 or 90 minutes long.

Take your technique and creativity to the next level! This program is designed for students who are focused and eager to amp up their dance skills.

The first half of each session, the students will learn jazz and ballet technique through drills, passes across the floor, turns and combinations. In the second half, they’ll work on creating their own choreographies, with guidance and coaching from their instructor.

Learn the fundamentals of classical ballet – from foot positions to full combinations. This section is designed for students with some basic prior ballet experience.

Depending on the week, the students will work on either jazz or lyrical technique, or a mix of both. Class always begins with warm-ups and conditioning, then continues with passes across the floor and combinations.


Already a student?

Afterschool participants: Contact us to add “All Stars” to your registration.

Students enrolled in our afterschool program pay only $25 extra per month for one All Stars program, or $40/month for multiple. 

Take your stage presence to the next level as you put together a full production! This program is designed for students who are focused and eager to amp up their acting and musical theater skills.

During the course of the semester-long session, the students will rehearse a play or musical, which will be presented to friends and family at a special in-studio showcase in mid-December. (The specific show will be announced in early fall, based on the size and interests of the group).

Each class will begin with improv and vocal warm-ups. Then, under the direction of their instructor, the students will dive into scene work and staging. Time permitting, they’ll also get the chance to develop some short, original skits that could be presented alongside their main production at the end-of-term show.